Dale Murphy 'Murch'

11 x 17 Poster signed and given to all attendees of Dale Murphy's 2019 MVP Experiences in Atlanta.

2" Enamel pin with glow in the dark "power bat" & custom Icons of 82 card backing. Available on https://dalemurphy.com/store/

"Swing Hard in Case You Hit it" designed by Daniel Jacob Horine & produced by Oxford Pennant Co.
Available on https://dalemurphy.com/store/

Dale Murphy shirt prototype.

"Dale Murphy Clubhouse Card Game"
Playable card game. Deck & Packaging design.

Limited run of 100 11X17″ comic book style print. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and autographed by Dale Murphy.

Dale Murphy is so closely tied to the number 3, worn throughout his entire MLB career from rookie catcher to veteran outfielder. Team-to-team and uniform-to-uniform, that number 3 has seen many variations over the years and here is a mini poster made to showcase of all of the classic colors, styles and changes it’s seen.

Dale Murphy ‘Career Colors’ hand-painted solid maple bats, inspired by classic uniforms worn by Murph during his career. Designed by Daniel Jacob Horine and crafted by Mitchell Bat Co.